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Drills & Exercises

Emergency Response Training, Drills & Exercises

Emergency response training, drills, and exercises reinforce incident response preparedness by working through a specific scenario. The scenario and exercise give companies an opportunity to practice effective implementation of their Emergency Response Plan. Wild Well facilitators direct and evaluate the response, and additionally conduct an after-action review, to capture any lessons learned that could be included in the Emergency Response Plan. Through participation in the Table-Top or Functional exercises, companies are able to validate the effectiveness of their response, identify areas for improvement and ensure the preparedness of their personnel.

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Emergency Response Plan Roll Out

The rollout training will guide attendees in using the Emergency Response Plan and Logistics Plan as management tools. The training will integrate well control response operations and procedures, which can be customized to specific well control event scenarios using the client-specific data. The training will also provide timeline and logistics considerations to guide attendees during a well control event as well.

  • Well Control/Source Control Management Overview
  • Logistics Planning Considerations
  • Logistics Plan Overview
  • WCERP/SCERP Plan Overview
  • Well Control Equipment/Other Equipment Overview

Exercise Participation

More often than not, operators struggle to find capable and qualified staffing to fill the roles of emergency response organizations. Wild Well has the distinctive ability to match expert exercise practitioners with real world response experience from veteran well control engineers to form an unprecedented team of source control and well control knowledge. Our experience in all facets of well control emergency response, incident management, and operations allows for realistic exercise development and value-added evaluations and recommendations for improvement that are based on past experiences and best practices in the field. An exercise can test or evaluate emergency operation plans, procedures, facilities – or any combination thereof. Contact Wild Well for Exercise Design, Players, Simulators, Controllers or Evaluators to make sure your next exercise is a success.