Risk Management

Flowback Equipment Survey

Risk Management

Flowback equipment Survey

Flowback operations are a leading cause of well control issues. The inherent risks in the operations can be reduced by utilizing Wild Well’s Flowback Equipment Survey. Flowback surveys can make sure that the right equipment, properly trained personnel and procedures are in place so that operations can be conducted safely.

  • Flowback Equipment Survey


Hydraulic fracturing stimulation plays a major role in the unconventional basins. Flowback testing is conducted after stimulation in order to recover as much of the treatment fluid as possible. The operator will also collect key data on the reservoir fluid type(s), initial rates, and pressures. This data will be used to determine production equipment requirements and economics. When the operation is ready, Wild Well will be onsite to conduct the Flowback Equipment Survey.

The survey will be conducted after the equipment is rigged up and preferably before operations commence. The key areas investigated include, but are not limited to:

  • Flowback equipment specification/fit for purpose
  • Flowback equipment configuration
  • Flowback procedure
  • Annulus monitoring procedures
  • Hazard identification and monitoring
  • Crew training and awareness
  • General HSE considerations / PPE
  • Drills and emergency preparedness

Upon completion of the field survey, the onsite representative will be briefed on all findings. A final report will then be issued to the operator and will include feedback provided to the supervisor on site. Post survey results can be implemented and can provide an immediate improvement to operational safety.

These operations have intrinsic risks that must be mitigated during equipment selection, rig up, and flow back operations. This independent review of the flow back operations will provide you with cost-saving opportunities by identifying and mitigating risks, enhancing safety, and improving operational efficiency.