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Risk Management

Well Control Equipment Survey

During a well control equipment survey, Wild Well conducts a visual inspection of 16 major areas of the BOP equipment and related systems and creates a detailed outline of our findings following the inspection.

The survey provides operators with valuable information required to perform successful well control operations.

Comprehensive visual and external inspection:

  • Focuses on well control equipment as a system
  • Covers an extensive checklist of more than 100 components
  • Guided by established API and IADC industry-best practices
  • Quick, effective identification of potential issues:
  • Unique evaluations designed for client-chosen specifications
  • Survey results delivered in easy-to-read Immediate Concerns, Recommendations, and Suggestions format
  • Immediate Concerns discussed in detail on site
  • Clear explanation and written analysis of all findings, including a prescription of recommended corrective measures

Kick Drill Asessment


Wild Well helps to reduce “human factors” or errors that lead to well control incidents through the use of expert-led rig site kick drills. Minimizing the human factors that contribute to well control incidents means creating a culture of change through analysis of individual roles.

Trend analysis reports identify key weaknesses so they can be developed into strengths. The information is used in kick drills in order to enhance the existing strengths of the crew as well as the individual. A well-oiled team operates efficiently and effectively while under pressure. Wild Well's crew assessment draws from quantitative and qualitative measurements to develop a proper response to a kick event.

The onsite kick drill from Wild Well Risk Management Services provides a review of response skills for all rig personnel. The onsite assessment results in an increase in familiarity with the actual equipment used by personnel on a daily basis. Best of all, the customized, onsite drills provide training for the entire crew at a fraction of the cost of offsite training.

Not every well control incident is a blowout, but each well control incident robs operators of valuable drilling ahead of time and resource control. By minimizing the risks associated with all forms of well control incidents, operators maximize their return on progress.

At the end of every kick drill assessment, the Wild Well representative will coordinate with team members to discuss specific and individual roles. This critical meeting will include a review of the crew's knowledge of equipment and operations. It also stresses the importance of the crew's duties to daily operations and emergency response situations.