Risk Management

Wellhead Surveys

Risk Management

Wellhead Survey

Wild Well’s extensive field wellhead audits provide operators with the latest information for asset protection. By identifying problem wells that require immediate or near-future action, the wellhead audit team can carry out repairs in a timely, cost-efficient manner, providing hot taps, valve drilling, freeze jobs, and resin applications to address sustained casing pressure issues. Once the equipment has been inspected, the operator should perform an evaluation of the risk of each asset based on the company’s internal risk ranking profile.

The audit will include wellhead inspection, annular pressure identification, schematics, minor non-invasive repairs, and ranking. This will allow the operator to understand and quantify their risks and potential liability, categorize the wells, and prioritize and bundle wells for surface intervention, and update records. This process will significantly reduce the field’s risk profile.

Wellhead surveys should be conducted periodically as part of the ongoing well integrity program when onboarding wells from M&A activity, and after an event where damage may have occurred.

A wellhead survey report includes:

  • Inspection of the wellhead
  • Updated schematic
  • Annular pressure
  • Digital photos
  • Identification and ranking of concerns
  • Optional seal pressure testing if pumps are available
  • Optional radiographic or ultrasound investigation

Wild Well can also provide specialized support, such as:

  • Resin application to address annular pressure
  • Annular casing pressure management program
  • Valve drilling
  • Hot taps
  • Freeze jobs
  • Well integrity engineered solutions