Over 45 years of experience


Formed in 1975, Wild Well Control, based in Houston, Texas, is the oldest continuously operating well control company. With nearly 50 years of service to the Oil and gas industry, Wild Well Control has the largest team of dedicated professionals in emergency Well Control response globally and responds to an estimated 80% of the global well control response market.

There are certain inherent risks associated with operating in the drilling, completion, and workover industry; however, most can be assessed, then minimized, mitigated, or eliminated. At Wild Well Control, we respond quickly with experienced personnel and customized equipment to maintain the integrity of a wellbore, using innovative engineering solutions. This requires competency and, above all Experience, to recognize and mitigate and ultimately provide the client with safe, effective, and proven solutions.

As the world's leading provider of emergency Well Control response and related Engineering, Relief Well Planning, Risk Management services, and Training services, our Vision is to respond safely and efficiently to emergencies and operational challenges. Wild Well approaches each well control event from an engineering perspective and works to secure well integrity while protecting the operator's investment. Our unique services are provided to National, Major, and Independent oil companies globally for onshore, offshore, and Deepwater operations. Wild Well also delivers comprehensive prevention and preparedness planning to avoid future emergencies to ensure our clients are prepared to meet the industry's ever-changing needs. In addition, it is the industry-leading provider of well control training.