Wild Well difference

Prepared and ready for well control emergency response

Founded in 1975, Wild Well is the world’s leading provider of onshore and offshore well control emergency response, pressure control, relief well planning, engineering, and training services.

The only global well control company

  • Corporate Office Corporate Office
  • Well Control Training Well Control Training
  • Emergency Response Equipment Emergency Response Equipment
  • Unconventional Intervention Equipment Unconventional Intervention Equipment

Our vision

We provide well control services to oil and gas operators by responding safely and efficiently to emergencies and operational challenges

Our services

We have been safely preventing and resolving all types of well control events worldwide for 45 years

Support and responsiveness from a reliable, experienced and accessible well control company is required by operators around the globe.

From our president

Wild Well is a company that has hundreds of collective years of experience in a wide variety of disciplines. A company that thinks of its clients like family and treats them accordingly.