Unconventional Intervention

Cutting Services

Cutting Services

Cutting Through the Challenges of Well Control Events:

When a well control event occurs, response teams are faced with a multitude of challenges. One of the most critical tasks at the outset is gaining access to the well center safely and efficiently to regain access to the wellbore. Depending on the nature of the event, this often requires cutting and removing materials, including the rig itself. At Wild Well, we offer a range of cutting tools that can address everything from well bore tubulars to full rig infrastructure.

Abrasive Jet Cutting by Wild Well

Fast and Efficient Removal of Damaged Surface Equipment

One of the key tools we use for well intervention during a blowout is Abrasive Jet Cutting. This system uses high-pressure water and sand as a cutting medium to remove damaged surface equipment while the well is flowing uncontrolled.

Wild Well's Range of Mechanical Cutting Solutions

From Clamshell Cutters to Coiled Tubing Cutters

Wild Well has a variety of mechanical cutting equipment to suit different applications. We use hydraulically supplied shears to cut debris on land and offshore, both above and below the water line. For re-heading a well, we offer Diamond Wire for initial full casing cuts, Clamshell cutters, and Rail mills to prepare the casing for wellhead installation. When dealing with damaged coiled tubing, we use our Coiled Tubing cutter, specifically designed to handle the stored energy encountered during the cutting process.

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