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Over 45 years of experience

Our History defines us

Founded in 1975, Wild Well is the world’s leading provider of onshore and offshore well control emergency response, pressure control, relief well planning, engineering, and training services. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, and with offices in eight other major cities, Wild Well provides its services on a global basis and responds to an estimated 80% of the global well control response market. Wild Well has successfully capped hundreds of wells worldwide in all kinds of operational environments. Oil and gas operators rely on Wild Well’s experienced personnel for advanced engineering solutions, unconventional intervention, and well control training to prevent and safely resolve well control incidents.

Wild Well continues its tradition of being the global leader in emergency response, well control, subsea operations, and training by offering a range of services to meet the industry’s ever-changing needs. Whether offshore or onshore, Wild Well responds quickly with experienced personnel and customized equipment to maintain the integrity of a wellbore through the use of innovative engineering solutions.

Our Vision is to provide well control services to oil and gas operators by responding safely and efficiently to emergencies and operational challenges. Wild Well approaches each well control event from an engineering perspective and works to secure well integrity while protecting the operator’s investment. Wild Well delivers comprehensive prevention and preparedness planning to avoid future emergencies and is the leading provider of well control training.

The History of Wild Well