About Us

Management Team


Bryan Ellis

With 28 years of experience as an oil and gas professional, Bryan Ellis oversees the operational efficiency of the world's leading well control engineering services company and ensures that the organization's drive for innovation and emergency response remains on a successful course.

Bryan’s experience includes serving in senior leadership and management positions in the Financial Services and Energy Sector. Bryan began his career at Deloitte & Touche in the Audit and Assurance group and focused primarily on clients in the Energy Sector. From Deloitte, Bryan joined ION Geophysical Corporation where he worked in both the Corporate and Divisional levels, leading and solving financial and other commercial issues. Bryan's experience in international business development later proved to be important for Wild Well's growth and in its continuing expansion in key regions around the world.

Bryan earned both a BBA and MS in accounting from Texas A&M University. He received his CPA shortly thereafter.

Chief Operations Officer

Joe Dean Thompson

Joe Dean has more than 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, and 38 years of experience in firefighting, well control drilling, and workover operations, making his role as COO a truly pivotal one. His insight and approach to well control operations clearly personify the engineered solution approach that is the nucleus of the Wild Well brand. His active involvement in the development and implementation of specialized tools serve as a powerful complement to the expert well control engineering for which the company is known. Joe Dean’s experience and expertise have been used extensively while responding to global well control events, ranging from underground blowouts to catastrophic surface losses.

Sr. Vice-President Well Control Operations & Engineering

David Barnett

David has more than 40 years of oilfield industry experience, including 33 years of experience in well control, drilling, and snubbing. As Senior Vice President, David oversees the day-to-day performance of Well Control Engineering and Operations with a concentration on the further development of the Well Control Engineers and Relief Well Services. David also serves as a technical resource by assisting with organizational performance and multiple strategic initiatives. He interfaces on complex and high-profile jobs and provides senior leadership and problem resolution for domestic and global operations.

Sr. Vice-President International & Sales Operations

Larry Sims

Larry has more than 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, with the last 13 years spent at Wild Well. His early career provided him with significant exposure to well operations both in the field and directly interfacing in the client’s office. With an extensive background in both sales and operations, domestically and internationally, Larry is responsible for directing the overall Business Development of the company’s core services for Wild Well’s international regions. Larry previously held senior management roles with Weatherford and Expro and is a member of AADE, IADC, SPE, and IAPG.

Sr. Vice-President Technical Services

David Moody

David has more than 40 years of experience in the oilfield, including 33 years of well control events expertise. At Wild Well, he has been instrumental in killing and capping numerous onshore and offshore blowouts and fires around the world and David adds an unprecedented level of expertise to support clients with their operations. His significant well control experience makes his role integral to the development of the Wild Well operations teams and technical support to the Business Development groups. In addition to well control projects, David has been involved in high-pressure hot tap and freeze operations; high-pressure snubbing and coiled tubing operations; valve drilling; and the removal and replacement of damaged wellheads. He is a member of SPE, IADC, and AADE.

Sr. Vice-President. Marketing, US Business Development & Training

Andrew Barry

With more than 40+ years of experience in Oil and Gas, with the last decade at Wild Well Control, Andrew has held roles spanning from field service operations, global account management, and global product line management to Senior Management roles. Andrew’s global experience in drilling, completions, and production operations provides a broad spectrum of understanding of the Oil and Gas market and facilitates his ability to oversee and drive the marketing and US business development areas for Wild Well. In addition, oversite of the well control training group dovetails well into his purview and provides a linkage across the breadth of the company’s service offerings. He is a member of SPE, IADC, and AADE.