WellCONTAINED Services

SCERP: Drills & Exercises

SCERP: Drills & Exercises


As part of the WellCONTAINED™ solution, Wild Well will assist operators with emergency preparedness drills and exercises to ensure peak readiness and competency for operational equipment and personnel. A drill is a coordinated, supervised activity employed typically to test a single, specific operation or function within a single entity.

Our team will develop, design, and deliver drills regarding well control or subsea source control, crisis and incident management, and firefighting as well as other critical topics dependent upon client needs. Validation of plans, training, and response purpose will be observed during the drills. The lessons learned will be applied to assist and improve those areas deemed to need enhancement.

SCERP: Drills & Exercises


Through the course of the drill, the Wild Well team will facilitate in-depth group responses and discussions covering a specific task to be performed in one of the core service areas.

The topics for source control subject matter drills include:

  • Source control
  • Subsea well control
  • Debris and dispersant use
  • Relief well operations and simultaneous operations
  • ROV operations and site survey
  • BOP intervention
  • Capping

Additional drill components for the Incident Management Team and the Crisis Management Team functions can be held as well.