Well Control Training

In-Person Well Control Courses

The unique Wild Well position-specific training uses team-based simulation exercises for operators and students at all our training locations.

Wild Well Training Courses

Equipping Your Crew with Confidence and Competence

Wild Well's in-person IADC Well Control Training courses are the premier solution for developing and enhancing the skills of personnel in the oil and gas industry. Our industry-leading training is delivered using proven learning methodologies, ensuring maximum knowledge retention and a comprehensive learning experience unmatched in the industry.

Our position-specific training approach is designed to provide team-based, hands-on simulation exercises that allow operators and students to learn in a real-world environment. Covering all aspects of well control, our courses provide a practical and engaging learning experience that is essential in developing the skills and knowledge needed to respond quickly and effectively to well control incidents.

It is important for individuals working in the oil and gas industry to receive regular Well Control Training to ensure they are prepared to handle any potential well control incidents that may occur. Regular training also helps to reinforce best practices and safety protocols, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of all personnel on the rig.

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Well Control Courses