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Regional 10K Capping Stack


Wild Well has added a 10,000 psi rated capping stack to our WellCONTAINED program. The 10,000 psi rated capping has been available for immediate deployment since 2019 and is dedicated to the northern European region including:

  • North Sea
  • Baltic Sea
  • Celtic Sea
  • Irish, Sea
  • Norwegian Sea
  • Barents Sea
  • North Atlantic waters (Ireland / UK)

The stack is housed in Aberdeen along with other components of WellCONTAINED. The 10,000 psi stack is part of the WellCONTAINED group and is only available for access through a separate membership agreement.

With capping and containment equipment staged around the globe, Wild Well is able to respond to incidents quickly and effectively. Our 40-plus years of industry knowledge, experience, and response capabilities are incorporated into our solutions and provide lasting value for our clients

10K Subsea Capping Stack
Pressure Rating10,000 psi
Water Depth Rating10,000 ft
Main Bore2ea, 13 5/8-in. Cameron type UM BOPs with Blind Shear Rams
Diverter BelowNo
Outlets4ea, 3 1/16-in. Outlets
Chokes2ea, 3 1/16 in.
Connectors10k Cameron HC and Cameron H4
Weight75 MT
Airfreight / # of planesNo
Chemical Injection CapabilityYes
ControlsROV Hydraulic and Torque Tool
Running MethodsWork Wire and Drillpipe
In-house Planning, Engineering, and Deployment ServicesYes

10K Regional Response Stack - Northern Europe