Well Control Response

Emergency Response Services

Wild Well maintains Blowout & Well Control Response teams on standby at all times to ensure a rapid response to a well control event anywhere in the world.

Well Control

Blowout & Well Control Response

In the oil and gas industry, catastrophic well control incidents can occur without warning, requiring immediate emergency response, regardless of the time or day. Wild Well, with the world's largest and most experienced team of Well Control Specialists, is well-equipped to handle such emergencies. We maintain Blowout & Well Control Response teams on standby 24/7/365 to ensure swift and effective responses to the site of the incident. Our teams are capable of mitigating uncontrolled fires, well flows, and other hazardous situations and restoring control of the well.

With our extensive experience and expertise, Wild Well is a trusted partner for operators seeking dependable and comprehensive well control services.

  • Well capping
  • Well re-heading
  • Well-related fire suppression

Well Control

Pressure Control

Wild Well provides specialist assistance – available in-office and/or on location in the field – to resolve well control complexities to regain hydrostatic control of a given well. In complex wells, the margin between fracture gradient and pore pressure gradient is narrow, which makes formation breakdown always a possibility.

Wild Well possesses the necessary expertise and skills to help clients return to normal operations after encountering well control issues such as:

  • High-volume kicks
  • High-pressure kicks
  • Underground blowouts
  • Kicks with lost circulation
  • Kicks with no pipe in the hole
  • Kicks in oil-based drilling fluids
  • Kicks with drillstring off bottom
  • Pressure control in H2S environments
  • Pressure control in HPHT wells