Well Control Engineering

Engineered to solve the world's toughest well control challenges.


Dynamic Well Control

Wild Well continues the tradition of being a global leader in advanced engineering and well control by offering a range of services to meet the industry's ever-changing needs while simultaneously taking on and solving the most challenging oil and gas incidents worldwide. Whenever the integrity of a wellbore or operation is in jeopardy, Wild Well responds quickly with experienced personnel and customized equipment. Best known for its emergency response to complicated and dynamic well control events that increase the risk/consequence profile on location, the company has successfully modeled hundreds of wells in various environments and specializes in capping operations performed under extreme conditions.

The resolution to a well control event can require a skill set out of the scope of normal drilling operations. Wild Well's engineering team can assist the client with the design and execution of remedial efforts required to return to a typical drilling environment.

Having competent well control personnel available and familiar with the operations, whether in the office or the field, helps provide the safest and most effective options to resolve well control events. Whether the solution involves implementing traditional Constant Bottom hole Pressure Methods of well control or non-traditional techniques to re-gain the primary barrier envelope, Wild Well Control has the experience and knowledge to assist clients during any well control event safely.


Well Control Engineering Design

Wild Well Control offers all facets of well control related modeling. This modeling is an integral part of the well control engineering services that can assist the client in the well planning and execution. For example, this modeling can be used in the pre-planning process, real-time well control event support, or a post-event evaluation. The modeling suite is based on the OLGA and Drillbench multiphase software engines. These software packages are considered the industry standard in evaluating multiphase flow dynamics in a wellbore.

Well Control Modeling