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Well Control Engineering

Using Advanced Software to Improve Well Control Safety and Performance

Wild Well, employs the use of Drillbench Rig site Kick software to generate highly sophisticated simulations that provide a comprehensive view of the wellbore and its contents during well control operations. These simulations enable Wild Well to examine the full, dynamic behavior of the wellbore and its contents, starting from the time of influx and continuing through flow check, shut-in, and subsequent kill operations.

The software generates integrated, time-transient, multiphase flow simulations that take into account various factors such as the type of influx, the flow rate, the composition of the fluids involved, and the properties of the reservoir and surrounding rock formations. This provides Wild Well with a highly accurate representation of the wellbore and its contents during a well control operation.

Through the use of these simulations, Wild Well is able to derive standard kill methods as well as examine the full effects of special kill procedures. Examples of such special kill procedures include an extended shut-in, mud weight, or pump rate changes, among others. These procedures are further analyzed for their impact on the integrity of the wellbore. By examining these effects, Wild Well can develop a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics involved in a well control operation, which can help in the development of more effective and safe well control strategies.

In addition to deriving kill methods and analyzing special procedures, data from these simulations can also be used to evaluate casing design and surface well control equipment. By analyzing the behavior of the wellbore and its contents under different conditions, Wild Well can provide valuable insights into the performance of various equipment and help optimize their design for better well control outcomes.