Unconventional Intervention

Unconventional Intervention

Making the Impossible Possible

Wild Well offers services for the intervention and remediation of wells in the most unimaginable conditions where conventional intervention is no longer possible. With numerous resources available, Wild Well completes projects on land and in any water depth and performs complete services for wells requiring wellhead reparation, well abandonment, and structure removal. Our experience involving multiple wellhead operations ranges from a return to the production to final abandonment.

As wells age, issues can become more pronounced due to lack of maintenance, poor zonal isolation, corrosion, and erosion, leading to temporary shut-in or emergency well control intervention situations. Wild Well assists in the remediation of severely damaged or corroded wellheads and the abandonment of facilities requiring a unique solutions approach.

Wild Well has extensive experience accessing wells with indescribable conditions and securing them forever using our specialized intervention tooling and existing oilfield service equipment creatively. For severely damaged wells with no feasible workover options or for damaged wells near the end of their life, permanent plug and abandonment may be the best option. Achieving the plug and abandonment will include unconventional well intervention and conventional well servicing equipment.


Wild Well has the proven tooling and experienced personnel to allow safe and practical access to your problem wellhead or wellbore. Our equipment is staged in these locations across the United States and around the world to provide a cost-effective and timely response to your operational needs.


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