Well Control Response

Responding to the Global Oil and Gas Industry's Well Control Needs.

Well Control

Safely preventing and resolving well control events worldwide

For nearly half a century, Wild Well has been at the forefront of preventing and resolving all types of well control events across the globe with a commitment to safety. The oil and gas industry demands support and responsiveness from a dependable, accessible well control company, and Wild Well delivers on that promise. With unparalleled expertise accumulated over the years, a large pool of trained personnel, strategically located emergency response facilities, and an exceptional track record of successfully completed jobs, Wild Well possesses the resources and capabilities required to ensure prompt and efficient responses to all well control and pressure control events.

Well Control: The Response Process

Well Control Experience

Well Control Response20192020202120222023
Blowout with Fire24034
Pressure Control3625192831
Unconventional Intervention7410671117121