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Gate Valve Milling

Gate Valve Drilling


Maintaining reliable access to wellbores is crucial for optimizing production and ensuring operational efficiency in the oil and gas industry. However, this access can become compromised in aging asset fields or newly installed equipment for various reasons. Whether due to age, neglect, manufacturing defects, or operational issues, a failed ball or gate can block the flow of fluids through the wellbore, causing significant downtime and financial losses.

Fortunately, Wild Well's highly trained and experienced crew regularly performs the process of milling a full bore opening in a valve gate or ball that has become inoperable or is in a closed or partially closed position. This straightforward operation is carried out with specialized equipment capable of milling through a gate, ball, and plug valves, as well as T/A caps, BPVs, and dual check valves.

One of the key advantages of our milling process is its ability to be performed under pressure, up to 15,000psi, and in H2S environments, ensuring that operations can continue without costly downtime. Our crews are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools, ensuring precision and efficiency throughout the milling process.

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