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SCERP: Emergency Response Plan

SCERP: Emergency Response Plan

Source Control Emergency Response Plan

Source Control is a generic term for all activities related to the direct intervention on a well at source point in an effort to halt or control the release of hydrocarbons to the environment. It can also be a politically and publically palatable term for “blowout.” The scope and complexity of a well control event is varied and can alter by huge magnitudes based on many factors. There are several subsea capping stacks located in various locations around the world, and all are in various states of readiness. To address a well control event is not as straightforward as simply having access to idle assets located in varied locations.

Equipment is only one part of the total plan and response package and must be part of a comprehensive Source Control Emergency Response Plan (SCERP). The SCERP has been designed to ensure that the goals of their source control emergency preparedness efforts will be met in the unlikely event of an actual response to an uncontrolled well event. It is based on decades of conventional and subsea well control experience and is designed to ensure proper preparedness and response to cap a wild subsea well. Wild Well’s experience covers many years of source control, well control, and blowout intervention operations in all conceivable operational settings and in virtually every geographic location. The primary objective of the SCERP is to establish a process for responding to and safely managing source control emergencies using a standard, uniform approach. This process includes the following information:

  • Emergency Contact Information/Resources
  • Response Management
  • Source Control Operations Overview
  • References and Resources