subsea P&A


The DeepRange system provides an unparalleled plug and abandonment package that delivers a highly cost-effective, regulatory-compliant solution.

The DeepRange system includes multiple tubing conveyed perforating guns and a field-proven packer assembly that anchors the system in the wellbore while circulating fluid into the outer annuli. For riserless light well intervention applications, DeepRange utilizes a lightweight ROV actuated running tool and a robust bushing that locks into the intervention system, allowing the system to be deployed from a multi-service vessel using nothing more than a depth rated crane. The multiple tubing conveyed perforating guns are designed to accurately perforate each annulus. This accuracy ensures the user that each annulus is properly cleaned and filled with sufficient plugging material. The bushing and packer assemblies divert flow during the circulation of each annulus, as well as enable the user to verify the integrity of each annular plug by testing it from above and below.

This innovative and lightweight system can easily be deployed in water depths up to 10,000-ft and allows the operator to perform fully BSEE compliant plug and abandonment operations on wells with a maximum shut-in pressure of 10,000 psi. This proprietary system gives the industry a cost-effective yet high-quality abandonment option that saves the operator tens of millions of dollars in the P&A of subsea wells when compared to conventional operations.

DeepRange features and benefits:

  • Highly cost-effective, fully BSEE APM approved P&A tooling and methodology
  • Re-enter existing subsea wellbores post TA and fully P&A the well per BSEE requirements by isolating outer annuli
  • Perforates and circulates plugging material into outer annuli: NOT a perf and squeeze tool
  • DeepRange system has been used in light well intervention and marine riser applications and has been evaluated to use on subsea wells with surface completions (TLP & SPAR)
  • This robust technology offers a minimally invasive solution that maintains wellbore integrity throughout the entire plug and abandonment operation
  • Allows operators to reduce their P&A liability at a fraction of the cost and with considerable savings in time