WellCONTAINED Services


Subsea Capping Solutions

Wild Well is proud to offer WellCONTAINED™ Subsea Capping Solutions to the industry. Based on more than 40 years of conventional and subsea well control experience, our unique capping system provides a truly comprehensive solution to global deepwater well control incident prevention and response. The WellCONTAINED system of services includes contingency planning and response from Source Control Emergency Response Planning (SCERP) through field deployment of one of our system capping stacks to a subsea uncontrolled well.

Wild Well has three response packages staged for quick deployment in Aberdeen and Singapore.

Prevention and response serve as cornerstones to the WellCONTAINED set of solutions, providing operators with a full-service response in a right-sized package.

WellContained Global Response Equipment


  • In-house Response Personnel
  • Capping Stack Installation Plans -Drillpipe
  • Capping Stack Installation Plans -Work Wire
  • Capping Stack Shut-in plans
  • Logistics Plans
  • Debris Removal Plans
  • Dispersant Application Plans
  • Capping Stack Interface Checks
  • Sea Fastening Plans


  • Source Control Emergency Response Plans
  • Shallow Water Capping Plans
  • Relief Well Plans
  • Blowout / Dynamic Kill Analysis
  • Broaching Simulation and Analysis
  • Bullhead Analysis
  • Dynamic Temperature Modeling
  • Well Control (Kick) Modeling
  • Atmospheric Dispersion and Radiant Heat Analysis
  • Subsea Plume Analysis
  • Response Drills
  • Training