Well Control Engineering

Surge Swab Modeling


Surge & Swab Modeling for Optimal Well Performance

In high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) wells that operate with narrow margins, it is of utmost importance to ensure proper circulation during swabbing operations to prevent underbalanced conditions. To address this challenge, Wild Well offers hydraulic simulations that enable the analysis of wellbore pressures, equivalent circulating density (ECD), return rate, and maximum string movement throughout the wellbore. These simulations also evaluate the potential effects of pressure changes during other critical operations such as drilling, tripping, or cementing.

Wild Well employs the Drillbench dynamic drilling simulation software as a tool for performing steady-state computations of hydraulic parameters in an oil or gas well during drilling operations. This software enables the accurate and efficient assessment of hydraulic conditions, including pressure, flow rate, and fluid properties, to ensure safe and effective drilling operations. By utilizing these advanced simulation capabilities, Wild Well can help operators optimize drilling performance and minimize the risk of operational issues, particularly in challenging HPHT environments.