Well Control Engineering

Dynamic Kill Analysis

Dynamic Kill Analysis:

The Cutting-Edge Solution for Blowout Control

Dynamic kill analysis offers a dynamic simulation of blowouts as well as operating parameters for the necessary kill process. It involves the latest technology in transient multiphase simulation and provides the following unique features: blowout rate, kill rate, wellbore pressure profiles, volumes, fluid density, hydraulic horsepower, and other dynamic kill parameters needed to restore control. Operational parameters, such as pump rate and fluid density, can be changed in response to developing well conditions, just as in an actual kill operation. Wellbore responses to such changes are visualized immediately in the live graphics.

Dynamic Kill Analysis

The software is generally used to determine the following parameters:

  • Required to kill fluid density
  • The volume of kill fluids required to execute a kill operation
    • Storage capacity for the kill
    • Excess kill fluid volume required
    • Management requirements of the kill fluids on site
  • Required pump rate for the kill
    • Hydraulic horsepower requirements
    • Number of pumping units and contingency requirements
    • Surface line configuration for fluid delivery
  • Predicted surface pressures
  • Wellbore pressure generated at the last casing shoe during the kill
  • Depth of injection required for the kill
  • The time required to facilitate the kill
  • Sensitivity analysis to the associated kill parameters

Dynamic kill modeling is a specialized technique to safely control and stop a blowout event. It can be applied in different scenarios, such as a relief well operation or a concentric kill through the wellbore while the well is flowing. At Wild Well Control, our highly skilled engineering staff has extensive experience in dynamic kill modeling and the onsite execution of dynamic kill operations in various environments.

Whether you need assistance with a relief well project or a dynamic kill through the wellbore, our engineering staff has the knowledge and skills to handle the job. We are committed to providing our clients safe and effective solutions that meet their needs. If you would like more information about our dynamic kill modeling services or have questions about a potential dynamic kill operation, please don't hesitate to contact our team. We will gladly assist you and provide the information you need to make informed decisions.