Prepared and ready to respond

Wild Well Remains Prepared and Ready to Respond to Well Control Events

At Wild Well Control, the health, safety, and security of our personnel, and clients have always been our highest priority and a core value of our company. We are dedicated to delivering all services within our portfolio, including Emergency Response Services for well control incidents, Well Control Engineering Services, WellCONTAINED Subsea Capping, Unconventional Well Intervention, Contingency Planning services, along with many other related services.

Although the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic is fluid, we continue to monitor the global situation daily. While we will take every precaution necessary during these challenging times, our readiness for the deployment of our personnel and equipment remains intact. We are prepared and we remain steadfast in responding as efficiently as possible regardless of individual country limitations, bans, quarantines, visa requirements/accessibility, etc. currently in effect.

We are proactively working to identify risks and develop solutions in conjunction with our clients daily.

Some of these actions include:

  • Monitoring the availability of commercial and charter flights daily to remain abreast of personnel deployment options
  • Checking country-specific restrictions for changes as they evolve
  • Staying in contact with air freight and logistics companies to identify options and obstacles to equipment movement
  • Working directly with our clients to seek assistance in those countries or regions that require additional clearance for personnel and equipment
  • Response and Safety personnel are maintaining continuous, individual health diaries, to facilitate any potential entry requirement rigor.

We are and will remain prepared to mobilize in response to any event with equipment and personnel should the need arise.

You can depend on Wild Well Control and our more than 45 years of service to the industry.