Introduction to Drilling Operations

In this WellSharp course, students will be engaged throughout the 20 fully animated lessons and will gain a thorough understanding of topics like gas migration, identifying kicks, fracturing, and the drilling circulating system. The training is designed for operators, contractors, and service company personnel to further grasp drilling and well control fundamentals.


Introduction to Drilling Operations

This course is designed as an introduction to well control theory and field practices during drilling operations. It is intended for operators, contractors and service company personnel, including technical and non-technical, and can be used as part of an employee onboarding process.

The fully animated course includes detailed 3D visuals of surface and downhole operations that will increase the students' understanding and knowledge of drilling an oil and gas well, and the importance of maintaining well control at all times. While most introductory courses cover oil and gas from a broad perspective, Wild Well’s course delivers an in-depth view of critical drilling and well control lessons by using 3D animations to illustrate downhole concepts. The 3D animations help students gain a better foundation of well control concepts by helping them visualize unseen downhole topics. Throughout the course, students will learn about land-based and subsea topics along with fundamental well control methodology for circulating out gas kicks.

The course quality provides valuable information for industry personnel to be informed and to work safely in the office or in the field. This course functions as a continuing education tool for experienced oilfield workers, and as an introductory on-boarding tool for office and non-industry personnel. All of the basic elements of well control are presented, and technical learning acquired from this course will better prepare students for the next level of training.

This e-learning course meets all regulatory guidelines and is IADC accredited.


1. Impact of Well Control & Basic Rig Math
2. Introduction to Well Control
3. Risk Management
4. Causes of Kicks
5. Blowout Preventers
6. Associated Well Control Equipment
7. Choke Manifolds & Chokes
8. Auxiliary Equipment
9. Well Control Barriers
10. Pressure Testing
11. BOP Control Systems
12. Kick Warning Signs & Response
13. Shut-in Procedures
14. Tophole Drilling
15. Circulating System
16. Slow Circulating Rates
17. Fracture Pressure and Maximum Pressure Test
18. Influx Characteristics and Behavior
19. Well Control Methods
20. Killsheets