Supervisor pro advanced drilling

Supervisor Pro is an Advanced WellSharp Drilling course that features extensive, rigorous training with more challenging simulations that use atypical well control methods and expanded instruction covering accumulators. A minimum of 4 years of oil and gas experience is recommended along with a prior IADC WellSharp Supervisor level certificate.

4 Days

Supervisor pro advanced drilling


This Advanced WellSharp Supervisor course is for experienced personnel looking for more challenging well control training. The course includes all the elements of the WellSharp Supervisor course plus very challenging well control case studies and simulations designed from Wild Well experiences in the field. Wild Well engineers will present first-hand insight on case studies and collaborate with students. Advanced students will be able to challenge themselves while attaining an IADC Drilling Supervisor certification.


  • Challenging simulations with non-typical and classic well control methods.
  • Kick tolerance calculations and discussion.
  • Enhanced U-Tube discussions to help students think through a well.
  • Expanded instruction about accumulators, how they work, how they fail, and calculations for a number of bottles, sizing, etc.
  • SME presentations


Pre-requisite: Minimum 4 years of industry experience recommended with a prior IADC WellSharp Supervisor level certificate

4-day course: Monday - Thursday class instruction, exam on Friday morning

Certificate earned: IADC WellSharp Drilling Supervisor