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computational fluid dynamic

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is the analysis of any system involving fluid flow, heat transfer, and other associated phenomena by means of computer-based simulations. The technique is extremely powerful and is used to gain a better understanding of a wide range of fluid flow problems. It can be thought of as the fluid equivalent of its more widely known analysis method, finite element analysis (FEA), which is widely used for structural analysis.

Fluid flow is fundamentally a complex phenomenon. Because the mathematics behind the techniques used in CFD are necessarily advanced to solve the governing equations of fluid dynamics, this leads many to dismiss the subject as the domain of scientists alone. But at Wild Well, we appreciate CFD for what it is: an engineering tool in the extensive toolbox Wild Well has at its disposal.

We have licensed and highly qualified engineers who, while understanding the physics and mathematics behind the simulations, never lose sight of why they are using CFD in the first place, namely to solve a problem for our clients that more traditional engineering calculation methods cannot.

most common applications of CFD

  • Subsea plume analysis
  • Atmospheric dispersion and radiant heat analysis
  • Erosion predictions in pipe systems
  • Flow assurance and heat transfer analysis
  • Multiphase flow analysis

Each of these can be called upon in a particular well control scenario. The additional benefit of having such an experienced advanced engineering team is that Wild Well can assist clients in any situation where fluid flow is poorly understood—whether that is in the well control arena or not