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Fire and Explosion Analysis

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Fire and Explosion Analysis

Well control events often lead to releases of hydrocarbon gas that can ignite, resulting in an explosion and fire. The Wild Well Advanced Engineering group performs a wide range of safety-related analyses to support qualitative and quantitative risk assessments for personnel, equipment, and the wider public.

Explosion analysis offers studies of explosion severity should a gas cloud ignite. It is aimed at quantifying risk to personnel, equipment, and infrastructure. Explosion analysis can include both high-level assessments as well as detailed CFD analysis. This analysis is often followed up by an assessment of the effects of the explosion on the surrounding structure. This could be to support a voluntary ignition plan or other safety case assessments.

Our engineering expertise in the fields of fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and structural analysis, combined with the well control engineering and HSE practitioners within the company provide an integrated team with the know-how to deliver a comprehensive safety-focused solution.