Relief Well Engineering

Engineering Planning

Relief Well

engineering planning

Supervision of Drilling, Testing and Completion Operations for relief well intersections including the on-site management of:

  • Operator and service company technical support personnel
  • Directional drilling and MWD personnel and equipment
  • Borehole surveying personnel and equipment
  • Homing-in (electromagnetic ranging) and wireline personnel and equipment
  • Milling and perforating (to gain hydraulic communication) personnel and equipment
  • Daily and final reports for specialty intersection services

Relief Well Surface Location Modeling

(Sub-category of Relief Well Contingency Planning)

Identifying potential relief well spud locations before an event occurs can help reduce the planning cycle during relief well operations and potentially shorten the overall time to regain control of the blowout well. Improper surface placement may have devastating effects that could increase the complexity of the relief well or yield a trajectory that fails to intersect the target well. Wild Well utilizes custom software to simulate thousands of relief well trajectory profiles abiding by a set of design constraints to analyze the feasibility of the relief well placement. These models can be used for single or multiple intersection scenarios or congested well scenarios in a field or platform where a single relief well location may be suitable for multiple wells. The results of the analysis provide a map of regions that are acceptable for the relief well placement based on the design criteria and applicable exclusion requirements.